What is Geotagging of Images and How It Works ?

What is Geotagging and what are Its uses ?

Geotagging is the process of adding latitude and longitude markers to an image to identify where the photo was taken. Since 2014, many cameras and cell phones have a built-in GPS receiver that stores location information in the Exif header when a picture is taken.

This is why Geotagging Images is such an important tip for Google Local SEO.

If all the images on a website are Geotagged, for example, for 123 Main Street (where your business is located), Google can see that, AND and it gives your Local SEO efforts a little more punch.

  • URL structure.
  • Keyword placement on the page.
  • Why the structure of service pages is important for Local SEO?
  • How Local SEO through the construction of service pages?
  • Upload a jpg image.
  • If you have already Geotagged the uploaded image, those Geotags will show up on the website/tool map if the photo is already tagged. If not, you need to set the Geotags manually.
  • On the map, set the marker (the red, pointed marker) so that it points to the location of your business. You can also enter your company’s address to set the latitude and longitude. If you know the latitude and longitude, you can manually enter the coordinates in the latitude and longitude fields.

How does Geotagging work?

The methods for Geotagging vary widely. Some of them work with geographic location and “toponym” information only in an archival context, while others stream content continuously or aggregate content for machine learning models.

Benefits of Geotagging

Geotagging your keywords plays a big role in local search engine optimization. When a user performs a search on Google, Google tries to filter the data as much as possible to provide the user with the best search results. One of the most important factors in this is the location.

How can you create a Geotag on your website?

This is a simple process. If you want to add a Geotag to your blog, simply add location-specific keywords in the fields below:

What is Geotagging Keywords and How to Utilize It?

Simply put, you specify the location of your business, which can be determined using Google Maps. It contains longitude and latitude coordinates.


I tried to present things as clear as possible, so that even a child will be able to understand it. I hope you get an answer to the question whether Geotagging helps with SEO.



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